Why is photography important?


The answer to this may seem obvious to many but in actual fact, there are many answers to this question. One photograph can travel the entire world and be understood by everyone that sees it. There is no language or cultural barrier where photography is concerned so people from all around the globe can connect in a way they never would have been able to before. Photography is a gift that allows us to travel through time at our convenience; whether it’s getting the old family photo albums out or learning through photographs taken during World War 2. Here’s why photography is so important:

Memories- Life passes us by very quickly. As children we may not appreciate how short it actually is but as adults with children, jobs and responsibilities, it’s hard to find five minutes to take a breath. That’s why it’s important to get the camera out and preserve the milestones that go past with the blink of an eye.

  • Remembering loved ones- When a loved one passes away, it can often be healing to look through photographs of good times. A photo that places you in a particular memory can help you to remember them, how they may have reacted to things and the advice they may give you now. To many, that is priceless.

  • Cheer yourself up- We’ve all seen those funny cat pictures that do circulars around the office and let’s be honest, we all laughed. Photography can, sometimes accidentally, capture the funniest moments in life and every now and then, it’s great to pull out the funny pictures and laugh to your hearts content.

  • Tell your story- So many stories have gone untold throughout the years but with the help of photography you can show people your life. Whether you want to express an emotion, show what you’ve achieved or just share a milestone like an anniversary, birthday or birth of a new child. Now you can share all these things with a huge audience at the click of a button. Take a look at some of the private events that Event Photo Melbourne have done-

  • Building a family tree- For a long time, many children weren’t able to know what their great-grandparents or Aunty Edith looked like. We’ve all been tasked with building a family tree as a homework assignment and scraping together information was quite daunting. Now building a family tree is as easy as it ever has been.