Why Photography is an Art

Photography allows us to express our views and one photograph can hold a thousand words. It is a way of saying something without actually having to write it out and linking with like-minded people who feel the same way and understand what you’re saying. Through photography we can tell the world what is most important and valued to us; like a picture of the family dog or the beautiful countryside in our home towns. So, why is photography considered an art form?

  • Photographs can be just as, if not more, valuable than family jewellery passed down through generations. When someone loses a laptop or a phone, more often than not it is the images stored on them that will be most missed. Photography allows us to capture to most precious moments of our lives and preserve them throughout the years.

  • Photography can help us to tell a story. Whether it’s just how we’re feeling on any given day or the story of an entire life time, we have the power to communicate through images. The art of transforming a narrative into a wordless story is at our fingertips.

  • Never before have we been more capable of displaying our emotions and saying things we may not be able to say face to face. Photography has enabled us to say the most important things to the most important people. Whether it’s ‘I love you’ from a partner, ‘I’m sorry’ to your parents or ‘we’re excited to meet you’ to an unborn child.

  • You may find that you see something in an image that no-one else around you does. Photography can be interpreted in many different ways and you may just find that it evokes emotions you never thought possible. Where one person see’s a dark and cloudy sky, another may see mystery, intrigue and possibilities.

  • Photography, just like any other art form, can lead you to people that help to shape your life. Finding a common interest with someone is a special thing and usually results in inspiration. It is a way of being creative and finding things out about yourself and others that you may not have even met yet.

Photography can do many things and because of that it has become part of our culture and heritage. Take a look at some of the pictures taken by Event Photos Melbourne of the Australian Olympians homecoming at There is nothing better than a photograph to enrich the imagination and start fires where little sparks grew and after all, isn’t that what art should be?